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“Knowing is not enough. We must apply.”
To whom it may concern,

Within my 20 years in the music business, I have been fortunate enough to play in dozens of bands, record hundreds of songs in a wide array of studios, and play over 1,000 shows across several continents. As a studio owner for 6 years in Emeryville, I learned to wear every hat running my own small business. I held every position at that company from janitor to producer. I fear no task and find enjoyment in many, if not all of them.

I have previously acted as the face of a company at Massey Plugins, Inc, where I held a multi-roled managerial position. I dealt with producers and artists around the world as the lead in customer service. I went to conferences around the U.S. to promote and discuss Massey’s products. Keeping tabs of customers, beta testers, bloggers and reviewers, as well as the bugs in software, takes organization, plenty of note taking, and lots of follow-up. Still, I did all of this with enthusiasm and optimism. As a co-worker was nice enough to say, “Kevin is the most infectiously enthusiastic person I’ve ever met.”

While having a B.S. and a M.S. in mechanical engineering may not seem relevant, I would say that my engineering background has made me ready for anything. Engineer is a fancy word for ‘a problem solver’, and that is what I do. I learn how and then I execute. If you have 4 minutes to spare, this little video I did about being an audio engineer says it well: Day in the life of an Audio Engineer.

I have also had the pleasure of co-hosting, creating, editing, and mixing podcasts about the SF Bay Area’s music scene. On the Scene-SF was a long form interview show that spliced in depth question and answers with clips of the artists music. A sample of the show can be found here: On the Scene – SF.

Ultimately, I love people. I love talking to them, love encouraging them, and love supporting them. I love technology, but I only truly appreciate it if it helps and nurtures the human experience rather than detract from it. Art, music, and culture are the ultimate reflection of the human experience, not only as an end result, but as a process that must be nurtured and grown. I believe in fostering this growth and I wish to help those who generate original creative content find the success for which they are seeking.